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Workout 1

"Sandy Feet"


1.5 Mile Go Ruck Sandbag Run

Elite & Masters Elite: (80/60)

Legends & Outliers: (60/40)

Time Cap: 25 minutes

Sponsored By: Tim Gajda State Farm Insurance

Workout 2

"Dead Leg"

Part A: AMRAP x 6

10 Cal Echo Bike

8 Front Squats 185/135

Rest 2 minutes

Part B: For Time

30 Burpee Box Jump Overs (30/24)

Time Cap: 4 minutes

Masters Elite: (165/115)

Legends: (155/105)/(24/20)

Outliers: (135/95)/(24/20) *Step over allowed

Sponsored By: RP Strength

Workout 3


Max Distance Handstand Walk in 3 minutes:

Elite & Masters Elite:

10ft Unbroken Segment

Slalom through 3 Poles

5ft Unbroken Segment

360º Handstand Pirouette


5ft Unbroken Segment

Slalom through 6 Poles

5ft Unbroken Segment


Max Distance Handstand Walk in 5ft Unbroken Segments

Sponsored By: McAlister Realty

Workout 4

"Thicc Grace" 

For Time:

30 Clean and Jerks (205/155)

Time Cap: 8 minutes

Masters Elite: (185/135)

Legends: (155/105)

Outliers: (135/95)

Sponsored By: Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System

Workout 5

"Chaos 2.0"

For Time:

*Athletes were told how many reps to perform as the workout unfolded

14/12 Single Dumbbell Snatch (100/70)

24/22 Bar Muscle Up

36/34 Dumbbell Goblet Squat (100/70)

40/40 Front Rack Lunges (185/135)

34/36 Dumbbell Goblet Squat

26/23 Bar Muscle Up

14/12 Single Dumbbell Snatch

Time Cap: 15 minutes

Masters Elite: (70/50)

Legends: (50/35)/20 BMU Male(20 C2B; 15 BMU Female)/(155/105)

Outliers: (50/35)/20 C2B; 15 BMU Male(20 Pull Ups/20 C2B Female)/(135/95)

Sponsored By: USAF

The 2023 Fittest Champions

Female Elite: Briana Dunbar

CrossFit Epoch

Female Masters Elite: Brittany Graham

Five Forks Athletics

Female Legends: Sara Ryberg

CrossFit Potentia 

Female Outliers: Sharon Evans

CrossFit Proverb

Male Elite: Mike McDonald


Male Masters Elite: Will Abercrombie

CrossFit Fountain Inn

Male Legends: Tim Ballard

CrossFit Proverb

Male Outliers: John Kim

CrossFit Asperitas