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South Carolina's Invite Only Licensed CrossFit Competition

Compete Against the Best in South Carolina

Claim the Crown of FITTEST

Mission: To Find the Elite Male and Female Athletes in South Carolina. 

What started as a vision to unite the Upstates fitness community has turned into South Carolina's premier individual CrossFit competition to crown the FITTEST male and female athletes in South Carolina.

Claim the Title of FITTEST

Commit to the Work

Compete in the CrossFit® Open

Twelve Separate Divisions

Female and Male athletes from 18 - 55+

By Invitation Only

Who will rise to the challenge and qualify?!

Past Champions

FITTEST of South Carolina 

Dillon Knezevich

Fittest goes above and beyond for every athlete competing. It caters to the athletes, and does an amazing job at showcasing unique ability to spectators while still finding the Fittest. The Fittest Team truly cares for this community, and it shows through this event. What a blast!

2022 1st Place: Elite Male
Dillon Knezevich

I think this was the perfect blend of a legitimate test and fun engagement. From a long enough run that everyone burns and sandbags, to unknown rep schemes and challenging gymnastics.  The cascading max lift was a great challenge and was electric to watch.  The use of multiple venues and the vendor village added to the experience, I didn't want it to end!

2022 1st Place; Male Outliers
Dillon Knezevich

Fittest stands out compared to any other competition because their ultimate goal is to build the CrossFit community in South Carolina through a very fun but challenging and well designed competition.  I was glad to be a part of it in 2022!

2022 1st Place: Masters Elite Male
Dillon Knezevich

You can't only want it when its right in front of you!

2022 1st Place: Masters Female Elite
Dillon Knezevich

Fittest 2022 was a great competition! It was extremely well-run with well thought out workouts and an amazing venue.

2022 1st Place: Female Outliers

Over 90 Boxes Represented

The Best Boxes in South Carolina

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